What is underneath artificial grass for dogs?

Artificial grass for dogs needs to drain quickly to serve your pet well in all weather conditions. The drainability of the product is only as good as the backing and the base that it is installed over. Whether it is an aggregate (gravel) base or a grid system, the base underneath the artificial grass for dogs must be designed to allow the rapid movement of water. The base chosen for your installation depends largely on the existing surface and your specific application.

Superior Drainage with K9Grass

100% edge-to-edge drainage that is promised with K9Grass® starts with our backing. Our synthetic grass features a proprietary Knitted Flow-Through Backing™ that allows fluids to drain in excess of 3,000 inches per hour (with testing to back it up!).

Selecting the Right Base for Your Application is Key

An artificial grass product for dogs is most successful when there are a variety of base and installation methods to choose from to best suit your specific application.

For example, the two most common base solutions for K9Grass are aggregate or our proprietary AirGrid 3 plastic grid. Many artificial grass companies use aggregate under their turf, but it’s typically loaded with sand and other fine particles that slow or inhibit drainage. Ours is clean, compatible, and super drainable for the best long-term results. We install three to four inches in depth of high-quality ⅜-½-inch highly drainable angular stone.

Aggregate can be installed over soil as well as some solid surfaces, while our proprietary AG3 is designed to be installed only over a smooth, sealed, sloped, solid surface (ie. concrete) and is often paired with our patented K9Grass Flushing System.

AirGrid 3 is engineered and produced by ForeverLawn® to maximize air and water flow in our patented K9Grass Flushing system. It is specifically designed for use over concrete and other hard, impermeable surfaces. The interlocking grid provides a stable, flat, extremely drainable, strong surface over which the synthetic grass is installed. The innovative design has minimal contact with the surface allowing maximum air and liquid flow. AirGrid 3 is another proprietary technological advancement by ForeverLawn, showing once again that we are not just ahead of the curve, we are defining it.

We also offer a structural grate over pedestal system, which is purchased and assembled separately from our own system.

Professional Installation is a Must

Professional installation is critical when creating a highly functional synthetic lawn for your dogs. Selecting K9Grass and having our product installed by a team of qualified professionals will give you results that you and your dogs will enjoy for years to come.

Have Questions?

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