Specifically Designed Solutions

We’ve taken artificial grass to a new level. We are solution-oriented with very high standards. We understand the solution is a combination of K9Grass®, installation, and maintenance which can each be customized to your specific application.

K9Grass is original. And, it’s the first product to enter the market with a truly dog-focused design.

Setting the Standard

K9Grass evolved from a simple realization—dog owners lacked an artificial grass option that worked.

We set out to engineer a product that surpassed all expectations. Drainage, cleanliness, safety, and durability were at the top of our list.


Unparalleled Solutions

We achieved our goal. K9Grass is the first artificial grass specifically designed for dogs with:

  • Knitted Flow-Through Backing™ for 100% edge-to-edge drainage at a rate of 2,000–3,000 inches per hour (100 times faster than standard turf).
  • AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection to fight against microbes found in fecal matter.
  • Infill-free system that won’t trap waste and odors.
  • Short, dense blade structure for durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Safe, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly materials that won’t harm your dog.
  • Indoor and outdoor applications for versatility.
  • Cushioned support that is easy on the dog’s paws and joints.
  • A surface designed to minimize the heat from direct sunlight.
  • Proprietary customized AirGrid base designed for drainage support.
  • Patented K9Grass Indoor Flushing System to dilute and rinse urine.

K9Grass offers immediate and effective edge-to-edge drainage to allow liquid waste and water to filter through. With its short pile and dense construction, this artificial turf is extremely durable and easy to keep clean. For added protection, the dog-friendly artificial grass has antimicrobial agents built into the blades. Best of all, K9Grass is designed, manufactured, and engineered right here in the United States.

Choose the Absolute Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

K9Grass is the only artificial grass for dogs to achieve real results. It’s safe, cleanable, and features maximum drainage and durability.

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