Product Care

We’ve poured our best resources into giving you a premium product and installation. Product maintenance and care is essential in maximizing cleanliness, safety, and a pleasant smelling environment. Getting the most from your product requires some basic maintenance steps.

Maintain and Maximize Product Performance

Our non-absorbent polyethylene & nylon fibers and built-in AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology give K9Grass a strong layer of protection.

The blades will not stain or retain odors. However, the grass surface, backing, and surroundings must be kept clean to control odors and enhance the product lifespan.

Easy as 1-2-3

Caring for K9Grass takes a few basic guidelines:

  • Pick-up solid waste as it occurs
  • Groom to remove dirt and debris (using a leaf blower, vacuum, extractor, or power broom)
  • Clean the surface (rinse, sanitize, and/or treat with bacterial enzymes)

By following our care instructions, you’ll extend the life of your product and have a cleaner, better smelling environment.

For more detailed product care instructions, check out our maintenance guidelines.

See how Oh My Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility maintains their K9Grass to maximize their artificial grass performance.

Maintenance guidelines are customized to meet your desired level of cleanliness and are based on the variables of your specific installation (size of area, number of dogs, climate, and frequency of use). For example, a veterinary clinic caring for sick dogs would be more focused on sanitation than a training facility would.

Indoor installations often require additional maintenance protocols that are specifically tailored to your facility. A K9Grass expert will be happy to explain your customized maintenance plan with you.

We’re Your Partner for Success

We don’t see the completion of an installation as the end of our relationship, but rather the beginning. With our guidance on your maintenance protocol, your K9Grass investment will last for years to come. ForeverLawn is your long-term partner for success.

Contact us to learn more about caring for K9Grass or to receive a free quote.