The Originators

As leaders in the artificial grass industry, we recognized a gap in the market for a product that addressed the unique challenges dogs present. We didn’t want to simply repurpose or relabel an existing turf product and claim it to be “pet friendly” or “designed for dogs.” We realized that a completely new solution was needed, and engineered a brand new product designed specifically for dogs.


The team at ForeverLawn has spent over a decade analyzing the specific challenges of dog owners to develop products, installation methods, and maintenance protocols that ensure the ultimate surfacing solution.

The result of extensive research and analysis culminated in a groundbreaking, innovative product that is ideal for dogs, called K9Grass.

Creating K9Grass

Finding the right synthetic surface for dogs required a perfect blend of drainage, cleanliness, and durability. We combined our years of extensive knowledge and research to produce the absolute best artificial grass for dogs. K9Grass was the first product on the market of its kind, and continues to be a unique solution.

K9Grass created a new standard for the industry with its unique flow-through™ backing. The premium materials are combined in a unique knitted construction to allow for 100% edge-to-edge drainage.

Plus, our proprietary design eliminates the need for odor-causing infill.

Unlike the construction of other artificial grass, K9Grass provides maximum drainage. We also added AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology to protect the yarn from stains and odors caused by microbes present in urine and feces.

This antimicrobial protectant is not a post-production coating. The grass blades are infused with the safe, non-toxic additive during manufacturing, so it lasts for the lifetime of the artificial grass.

Blade color, geometry, and resin have been specifically altered to reduce high temperatures caused by direct sunlight while keeping it durable, soft, and comfortable.

The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

K9Grass is truly the ultimate—and only—artificial grass solution designed specifically for dogs. The solution starts with the most advanced grass engineered for dogs, which is completely drainable, cleanable, and durable. Don’t waste your time with other products claiming to be dog turf. With K9Grass, we offer more than just a label. Our durably-constructed product is specially designed for safe use with dogs both indoors and outdoors.


The unique and specifically tailored installation integrates with this revolutionary product to ensure a successful solution. The solution is made complete with the customizable maintenance protocol necessary to meet your desired level of cleanliness.

Learn more about ForeverLawn or contact us to get started with K9Grass for your project.