K9Grass Mats by ForeverLawn: The Ultimate Dog Mat

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K9Grass Mats with Unbound Edges

K9Grass Mats with Unbound Edges

K9Grass® Mats with unbound edges are ideal for use in any space inside or outside the house, inside crates, kennels, and carriers, as well as for use as replacement grass in dog potties. Click Buy Now to select your size.

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K9Grass Mats with Bound Edges

K9Grass Mats with Bound Edges

Bound edges on our K9Grass Mats provide a nice, finished edge if you and your pup prefer that look for your space. Bound mats can be used anywhere! Click Buy Now to select your size.

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Customize an Unbound K9Grass Mat

Customize Unbound K9Grass Mat

If you can’t find a K9Grass Mat in the right size for your unique application, we can create a custom mat for you in the dimensions you specify. Click Buy Now to make your selections.

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Premium Multi-Use Dog Grass Mats

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Dog Potties

Fresh, clean relief.

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Durability you can count on.

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Long-lasting and washable.

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On-the-go comfort.

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At Home

Natural texture dogs love.

If you’re familiar with K9Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn, then you’ll be happy to know that our premium K9Grass Mats offer all the benefits of our turf in a convenient, portable dog grass mat. Whether you’re on the go, potty training at home, or making the best of a small living space, K9Grass Mats offer your dog a clean, soft, and comfortable surface that’s washable, non-toxic, feels realistic, and is easy on their joints.

All the premium benefits of K9Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn in a convenient, portable mat.

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Creates a cleaner, better smelling environment.

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Easy to wash. Simply take your mat outside and hose it down.


Our strong, knitted backing discourages digging and provides lasting durability.

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Flow-Through Backing™ for 100% edge-to-edge drainability.


K9Grass Mats mimic the look and feel of real grass.


K9Grass Mats are non-toxic to humans and animals.


Easy to move from one location to another.

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Made in the USA

Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials available.

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