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Discover the K9Grass Difference

Pet-friendly grass should live up to its name. K9Grass rises above the competition with a surface that is drainable, cleanable, safe, and durable.

K9Grass is the best, all-around solution for dogs. It solves so many problems. It’s knitted rather than tufts, edge to edge drainage, added anti-microbial, no infill, stainless steel components, low maintenance that lasts for years.

Brian Samuels and his family did not want to deal with brown patches or the dirt and mess that dogs can track into the house with a traditional lawn.

K9Grass by ForeverLawn is the ideal synthetic grass surface for dog environments.

Rather than choosing an unnatural surface for the play space like concrete, rubber, or epoxy, owner of LA Dog Works Andrew Rosenthal chose K9Grass Classic by ForeverLawn because of its lush, soft, natural look and easy-to-clean surface.

K9Grass transformed the previously dirt surfaces at the West Hollywood Dog Park a into useable space that is perfectly tailored for the enjoyment of pets and their owners.

The Drainage Test – see how a well-known turf provider’s “dog-friendly” product stacks up against K9Grass.

Tired of muddy paws, shifting gravel, and cold concrete? Concerned about holes causing accidents or dead patches making your yard look bad? K9Grass is the answer.

Watch Jason Cameron demonstrate the drainage capabilities of ForeverLawn’s K9Grass.

Fido’s World, a prominent family-owned, family-operated pet boarding and training facility in Gainesville, Georgia, chose K9Grass Classic for their outdoor training space.

It all starts with a precise and sturdy installation of K9Grass. Watch as the professionals from ForeverLawn install the turf that pups and employees love.

Choosing a synthetic turf for dogs begins with a product that drains well. K9Grass is the ultimate choice for 100% drainage.

ForeverLawn partners with TV host Jason Cameron to show five ways you can make your backyard better.

After ten years in the making, K9Grass delivers what it promises. Clients share why they love our product.