Synthetic Grass Solutions Designed Specifically for Dogs

Unlike other brands of synthetic turf on the market that are designed for general use, our products are designed specifically for dogs and the unique challenges they present to maintaining a clean environment.

We’ve infused benefits into our synthetic grass products that satisfy the needs of dogs, dog parents, and dog facility owners alike. But we didn’t stop there! We’ve spent time developing an array of products for varying uses, budgets, and levels of foot traffic.

Why choose a designed-for-dogs surface?

safe & non-toxic

Safe & Non-Toxic

We use premium materials that are completely safe and non-toxic to both humans and animals. Kids and dogs can roll around on the turf worry-free!



Unlike natural grass that gets muddy, or other common dog surfacing solutions like gravel that can be unsightly, our synthetic turf looks and feels like lush, healthy grass.



Premium Flow-Through Backing™ is integrated into all of our synthetic grass products to offer solutions that keep excess water and urine out of the turf.

dog friendly


Unlike the general turf solutions out there claiming to be pet-friendly, our synthetic grass solutions are designed specifically for the needs of dogs and their caretakers.

Explore our specialized solutions.

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K9Grass® is the gold standard for synthetic turf for dogs and offers everything you want and need from a surfacing product—it’s clean, safe, beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain. Choose from K9Grass Classic+, K9Grass Elite, or K9Grass Sport based on your unique needs and level of foot traffic on your property.

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Experience the difference with solutions designed for dogs.

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