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ForeverLawn® retail store products are intended to be portable/not installed. If interested in permanent installations or larger sizes, contact your nearest ForeverLawn dealer.

If purchasing multiple K9Grass Mats, please note they may be cut from different rolls/dye lots, which can result in shade variations. Pile direction may vary between mats.

Returns will only be accepted for 30 days and if your box has been unopened (for sanitary reasons). Return shipping will be at the customer’s expense.


Pet Parents Love K9Grass Mats for Any Location

Pet parents are always looking for the best products that work for their pets. K9Grass Mats are ideal for multiple uses, not just for potty purposes…

Group 14

Dog Potties

Fresh, clean relief.

Group 7


Durability you can count on.

Group 8


Long-lasting and washable.

Group 9


On-the-go comfort.

Fill 175

At Home

Natural texture dogs love.

Product Overview

If you can’t find a K9Grass Mat in the right size for your unique application, we can create a custom mat for you in the dimensions you specify.

  • Antimicrobial – AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology is built right into the blades of our mats to help foster a cleaner and better-smelling environment for your pet.
  • Cleanable – K9Grass Mats are easy to wash! Simply take your mat outside and hose it down, and your pup’s space will be good as new.
  • Drainable – The premium Flow-Through Backing™ provides 100% edge-to-edge drainability so that liquid waste drains directly out of the turf and doesn’t sit and harbor bacteria.
  • Durable – We use the most high-quality and advanced materials on the market to create a product that’s designed specifically for dogs. Our strong, knitted backing discourages digging and is designed to provide lasting durability. 
  • Non-toxic – Materials used in the making of K9Grass Mats are lead-free and non-toxic to humans and animals. Your pet’s safety is our top priority!
  • Realistic – K9Grass Mats mimic the look and feel of real grass and offer your dog a surface that’s similar to his natural habitat. If you choose to use the mats for potty training, the grass helps transition your pup from going inside to outside on the lawn.
  • Portable –  K9Grass Mats are portable and easy to move from one location to another. Give your dog a comfortable surface to relax on no matter where you are—in the living room, on the patio, or even out on the boat!

Maintaining Your K9Grass Mat

K9Grass Mats are designed to make pet parents’ and facility owners’ lives simpler with an easy-to-clean surfacing solution. Maintaining a K9Grass Mat is simple. You really just need to pick up solid waste or debris, rinse, and occasionally spray with an enzyme-based cleaner.

Purchase Got Pee? maintenance products here:  https://k9grass.com/product-category/maintenance-products/

Maintenance of PuppyPlay Mats is similar to that of K9Grass Mats. Instructions can be found here:  Product care and maintenance instructions.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping included anywhere in the Continental U.S. If you are located outside the shipping area, please contact us directly for a shipping estimate and to place your order.

An email with tracking information will be sent when your order ships (please allow 1-3 weeks).

Returns will only be accepted for 30 days and if your box has been unopened (for sanitary reasons). Return shipping will be at the owner’s expense.

Measurement Considerations

We recommend that you allow for variance in sizing by approximately one inch.

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