PuppyPlay: A lower cost of entry, pet-friendly solution.

The K9Grass line of premium synthetic grass products is the “gold standard” in the industry. Premium products offer superior performance and value over time, but also typically come with a higher initial investment. Up until now! We’re proud to offer a new solution for puppy potty spots and play areas—PuppyPlay™.

dog friendly


All of our synthetic grass products are specifically designed for the needs of dogs and their caretakers.

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If K9Grass synthetic turf hasn’t been an option for you because of budget, enter PuppyPlay!

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Performance and value are rolled into a product that looks and feels like natural grass.

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No need to turn to a tufted turf product as an alternative. PuppyPlay is the way!

It’s synthetic grass for dogs designed with intention and purpose.

Liquids leave, fun is here to stay.

The unique, knitted construction of PuppyPlay allows for edge-to-edge drainage to keep out excess water and liquid waste.

Bad odors no longer heel.

Superior drainage capabilities make it easier to keep pets and their environments cleaner and better smelling.

It’s specifically designed for dogs.

Standard turf doesn’t consider the unique needs of areas for puppies. PuppyPlay was designed with intention and purpose.

Have an issue? We can solve it.

Get the most out of your solution with comprehensive support from your local dealer and their team of professional turf installers.

Every pair has two parts.

Product + Installation. Proven K9Grass installation techniques ensure top performance out of the PuppyPlay product.

Eight years of puppy play guaranteed.

Your new investment is protected with an industry-leading, eight-year warranty for guaranteed safe and clean puppy play.

Compare PuppyPlay with other K9Grass products.

Experience the difference with PuppyPlay.

Interested in seeing if PuppyPlay is the right solution for you? Contact us today to learn more or set up a free consultation.

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