How do you clean artificial grass for dogs?

Our synthetic grass for dogs is a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean alternative to natural grass and many other typical synthetic turf products. Solid waste should be removed regularly, and an occasional rinse with water and spraying of a bacterial enzyme will help wash away and control any residual odors.

Here are some simple steps to take to maintain K9Grass® synthetic turf:

1. Remove large debris regularly and solid waste immediately.

Debris such as leaves and sticks should be removed regularly. Leaf rakes and blowers are great tools to accomplish this.Solid pet waste is easy to locate and should be removed frequently (the sooner the better). The more dogs there are, the more important this is. If the solid waste is messy, pick up all that you can, rinse with a hose, and treat with a bacterial enzyme. Do not rinse solid waste into the grass.

2. Remove small debris with vacuums and extraction equipment.

It is important to remove hair and smaller debris to keep the K9Grass surface performing at its best. This can be accomplished by running a vacuum when the grass is dry (with a rotating brush and strong suction) to groom, agitate, and remove debris. For installations under 1,500 square feet, a household vacuum can be used. Larger areas may require a commercial vacuum or a power broom (consult your ForeverLawn dealer). Frequency is dependent on size, number of dogs, and how the area is used. Removing this debris keeps the grass looking good and prevents urine, hair, and waste from slowing drainage and holding unwanted waste.

3. Use a bacterial enzyme cleaner (odor eliminator with live bacteria).

It is advisable to have a spray bottle filled with premixed bacterial enzymes to treat the spot where the waste was removed. We recommend Got Pee Odor Eliminator, which can be purchased through your ForeverLawn dealer. The product is a concentrate so it can be easily diluted for use in a hand-held spray bottle.Broad spraying of a bacterial enzyme should be done regularly. A hose attachment is available for purchase from your ForeverLawn dealer and is recommended. Early evening is a good time to treat outdoor areas. Indoor K9Grass typically requires an application of once per day at a minimum. The purpose of these treatments is to break down residual waste (urine and feces) which, if not addressed, can be the source of odor or unclean conditions. The longer the bacterial enzyme is left on the grass, the better it works.Got Pee Odor Eliminator, specially designed containing live bacteria, is safe for use with dogs. Learn more about maintenance products that we recommend.

4. Rinse the turf in between cleanings.

Rinsing the grass between cleanings is advisable if you do not have regular rain.

Learn more about K9Grass product care.

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