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 The only bed your pet will ever need.

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ForeverLawn is proud to donate a portion of the proceeds of all K9Hammocks to help support individuals with disabilities.

ForeverLawn® retail store products are intended to be portable. If interested in permanent installations or larger sizes, contact your nearest ForeverLawn dealer.

Returns will only be accepted for 30 days and if your box has been unopened (for sanitary reasons). Return shipping will be at the customer’s expense.

Pet Parents Love K9Hammocks for Relaxation at Any Location

Pet parents are always looking for the best products that work for their pets and make their lives a little bit better. You know the feeling of relaxing in a hammock on a nice, sunny day? Well the reality is that dogs love to lounge, too! We wanted to recreate that feeling for dogs and give them a comfortable and supportive place to relax after a “ruff” day. 

The K9Hammock™ by ForeverLawn® is the only bed your pet will ever need, and it’s ideal for multiple locations inside and outside the home…

…as well as other commercial settings, such as:

  • Doggy daycares.
  • Boarding facilities.
  • Veterinary hospitals.
  • Humane societies.
  • Pet-friendly hotels.

Product Overview

As pet parents, we all know how much people just LOVE their dogs and will do anything to make them happy. Over the years, we’ve seen how much dogs adore K9Grass® synthetic turf, so we came up with a product that allows them to enjoy our turf for pure relaxation and comfort—the K9Hammock by ForeverLawn!

  • Comfortable – Designed for comfort and support as it adjusts to your dog’s shape and size. K9Grass offers the optimal surface to relax on.
  • Durable – Designed with the same advanced technology and attention to detail as our K9Grass products. They are built with premium plastic boards for long-lasting durability. All K9Grass products are made in the U.S.A.
  • Cleanable – Built with easy-to-clean K9Grass synthetic turf that contains antimicrobial technology. It also features a Flow-Through Backing™ for 100% edge-to-edge drainability. Simply vacuum or hose off and let it air dry.
  • Non-toxic – Materials used in the making of K9Hammocks are lead-free and non-toxic to humans and animals. Your pet’s safety is our top priority!
  • Realistic – The surface of a K9Hammock mimics the look and feel of real grass and offers your dog a surface that’s similar to his natural habitat. Plus, it’ll look great out on your patio or deck!

Product Details



40” long x 30” wide x 12” tall

29 lbs.



28″ long x 20″ wide x 8″ tall

9 lbs.

One size fits most.


  • Premium K9Grass synthetic turf
  • EPS premium all-weather plastic lumber
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
  • Leather handle

Note: Materials used to craft K9Hammocks are waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Maintaining Your K9Hammock

K9Hammocks by ForeverLawn are designed to make dogs and their parents’ lives more relaxing, which is why they require very minimal maintenance. You can simply vacuum the hammock when it’s dry just like you do the other surfaces in your home, or you can take it outside and rinse it down with a hose or power washer. In between cleanings, it’s easy to turn the hammock on its side and tap off any debris that has collected on the surface. If your pet has an accident on the K9Hammock, we recommend cleaning the spot with an enzyme-based cleaner.

Learn more about K9Grass product care.

Shipping & Returns

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K9Hammocks by ForeverLawn ship anywhere in the Continental U.S. Shipping costs vary by location. If you are located outside the shipping area, please contact us directly for a shipping estimate and to place your order. Your K9Hammock will be delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Returns will only be accepted for 30 days and if your box has been unopened (for sanitary reasons). Return shipping will be at the owner’s expense.

Reviews (6)

  1. Anonymous

    I like the K9Hammock because it’s so easy to set up (comes fully assembled) and heavy enough that it remains in place when my dog jumps in and out of it. When I showed a picture of it to my vet, he liked the design because the curvature takes the pressure off my dog’s joints. The quality of the K9Grass, the unique design and the sturdy waterproof frame make my K9Hammock well worth the price.

  2. Mary K.

    My black lab absolutely loves his K9Hammock by ForeverLawn! It’s his favorite place in the whole house. Although it’s weatherproof, we usually keep it indoors in front of his favorite window. He will climb into his hammock, roll around to scratch those hard-to-reach places (without getting dirty or tearing up my lawn) then lay flat out and be snoring in minutes. Sometimes, he prefers to sleep in it all night long.

  3. Nick Pavey

    This is amazing. Dogs love it!

  4. Jordan Helmick

    I’ve had the K9Hammock for about 5 months now and I’m impressed with the quality construction. The hammock is heavy so it doesn’t slide on our hardwood floors, and it’s large enough our two 20-ish pound dogs can hop in it together. Our 14 year old Eskimo Spitz loves the hammock and spends about 8 hours a day in it, so I guess it’s comfortable for her! The K9Grass also seems to be good for scratching her back. I highly recommend the K9Hammock if you’re looking for a sturdy dog hammock that dogs love.

  5. Angela

    Archer loves his bed

  6. JoJo & Maggie in Pasadena

    This doggie “hammock” is AWESOME. Both my dogs love it … Each morning ~10ish my little one takes her sunbath on it… She loves it in the morning, afternoon and evening… 🙂 Great product, great construction … well built to last!!!

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