2nd Family Dogs

About this project:

2nd Family Dogs in McKinney, Texas, is an award-winning facility that offers high-quality dog daycare, boarding, and grooming services. K9Grass® was just what this facility needed to perfect their large, spacious, pet play area. Now their pups can enjoy the realistic look and feel of the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs covering their 16,000 square foot outdoor play area. The facilities staff enjoy the sanitary benefits that come with K9Grass, thanks to the AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection and 100% edge-to-edge drainage. The staff no longer need to worry about the dogs tracking in a muddy mess after a long day of playing outside with their friends or digging dangerous holes in the play area. K9Grass has given this upscale and high-quality facility peace of mind that their dogs will be both clean and happy. Just look at the adorable, smiling faces in the photos!

Completed by:

ForeverLawn West Texas


McKinney, TX

Project type:

Commercial Pet Facilities and Shelters