A Tribute To Gibson – The World’s Largest Dog 2002-2009

Gibson The World’s Tallest Dog

Gibson was born in April 26, the year 2002 and died in August 7, the year 2009. He was a Harlequin Great-Dane who lived in the Grass Valley-California, United States. Gibson was recognized by Guinness Book-of World-Records as “The World’s Tallest-Dog” in the year 2004, replacing “Harvey” who was the previous world record holder. He weighed at 180 pounds (that is, 82 kg) and stood at a height of 42.2 inches (that is, 107 cm) tall, that is according to the official report-of Guinness World Records. Gibson was a certified-therapy dog and he appeared, wearing the trademark bandana on numerous TV shows including; The Oprah-Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show and Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gibson was the official “spokes-dog” for the ForeverLawn (maker of K9-Grass) based out of Uniontown-Ohio where Gibson took occasional walks. The book “Gibson-Speaks: The World’s Tallest Dog-Talks About His Life” gives/tells his life story. In the year 2009, Gibson lost 1 of his front legs to bone-cancer. Despite the chemotherapy, the cancer continued to spread to the spine and lungs, and Gibson couldn’t be saved. On Aug. 7th, the year 2009, the owner had him (Gibson) euthanized.

Certified by Guinness Book-of World-Records, Gibson was the tallest Great Dane in the world. Gibson spoke and said “I love you” & he even did so on The Oprah-Winfrey-Show. Gibson had also spoken with Cesar-Millan, a famous dog whisperer. Gibson was more of a comedian and had been on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. He was and still is 1 of the most popular or famous dogs in United states and in the world. The French and the Japanese were very fond-of Gibson. In his 7 years, he had attended parades, flown 1st class, danced and played with Paris-Hilton and also shared a stage with Michael-Clark Duncan. He normally used to speak with his owner Sandy Hall. Sand Hall has written Gibson’s thoughts in an autobiography.

Gibson was born-in Grass Valley-California on the edge-of Sierras. Gibson was the oldest-of 12 puppies born to Harley Quinn and Millennium’s Girl. Gibson is actually a Harlequin Great-Dane. The Harlequin refers-to his white and black patched coat.

Gibson was a highly sought-after animal because of his great loving personality and his positive association with everyone around him. Gibson’s caretaker and owner, Sandy-Hall, said that even if the dog had been receiving giant and great publicity, there was more to Gibson than just his sheer big size. “He would simply put a smile on anyone’s face,” Hall said, “In a split second, people would forget all their worries and cares.”

Facts about Gibson:

Gibson’s has been in a number of television shows, radio shows and various magazines such as:

  • The Oprah Winfrey-Show by Harpo Productions
  • Tonight Show with Jay-Leno on NBC
  • Good Morning America on ABC News
  • The Inside Edition
  • The Montel Williams Show
  • The Guinness World Records Amazing Animals on Animal Planet
  • The Mark and Brian Radio Show on ABC Disney
  • Larry King Live on CNN
  • The Parade Magazine
  • The Ladies Home Journal
  • Dog Fancy
  • The National Geographic
  • The Life Magazine with photos taken by Pulitzer Award Winning Photographers Deanne Fitzmaurice and David Hume Kennerly
  • He was a 2009 nominee-for American Kennel Clubs ACE Awards
  • Title-holder in Guinness-Book of World Records
  • Gibson is a Harlequin-Great Dane


  • He lost one front leg-to bone cancer in the year 2009
  • Gibson held AKC Dutchman Meistersinger-Pedigree, which is 1 of the most prestigious lines of Great Danes which date back to late 1800’s in Germany
  • Gibson was a certified therapy dog
  • Stood at a height of 42.6 inches, which was measured from ground to top of his shoulders; he measured at seven feet one inch when all stretched out & standing on the hind legs
  • He weighed in at 180 pounds
  • He was born on April 26th, the year 2002
  • He passed away on August 7th, the year 2009
  • He could hold a whole regulation basketball in his-mouth and do “doggie dribble”
  • He spoke and he said “I love-you!” He said it on the Oprah Winfrey show.
  • Gibson took the “world’s tallest dog” title from Harvey, who was the previous World’s-Tallest-Dog measuring at 41 inches
  • Gibson co authored his own book, which is entitled “Gibson Speaks”. This book gives a deep insight into the Journey and life of Gibson as the world’s tallest-dog.

As big as Gibson was, he was just a simple and friendly-puppy in a big dog’s body. He was active in therapy-work, he had a close knit-family life (which included holding toys from-his sisters), & his celebrity schedule. He has been featured-in many national magazines and newspapers, he was also featured on CNN Larry King Live and had also worked and interacted with some players from Sacramento Kings.

Guinness holds many amazing records of people as well as different kinds of animals. And one of the animals that it has featured most is dogs. Dogs are known to be one of the closest friends of human beings from the ancient times as we can see in different civilizations all over the world. They are extremely loyal to their master and will offer unconditional love to them till their last breath. There are many stories we have heard about dogs where these loyal creatures endangered their lives and in some cases even died trying to save their owners. This is something that is quite rare and is barely shared by any other species which makes them even more special. That is why dogs have a very special place to our society and history not only in the present time, but for thousands of years all over the globe.

Dogs Featured In the Guinness

It is to be mentioned that Guinness World Records has kept various records associated with dogs for different reasons which includes- the tallest dog of the planet, the largest dog, the smallest dog ever measured, the oldest dog, the heaviest dog, the ugliest dog, the fastest dog and many more. So let’s get introduced to some of these amazing dogs.

A three year old Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan, United States has made its place in Guinness for being the tallest dog ever measured. Zeus was measured 111.8 cm from withers to foot which is simply amazing. It is to be mentioned that Zeus stretches to 7 feet 4 inches while standing on his feet. He weighs 155 pounds or 70.3 kg. Zeus consumes 30 lb bag of food per day. He took the title from Giant George to become the tallest dog that was 1 inch shorter than him.

An English Mastiff named Aicama Zorba from La Susa was also included in Guinness for the greatest weight ever recorded in history. It weighed 343 pounds or 156 kg. Zorba was 35 inches tall when it stood and was 252 cm from the tip of his tail to the tip of the nose when he was seven years old.

Miracle Milly – a Chihuahua is known to be the smallest dog living in terms of height. She was measured 3.8 inches or 9.65 cm tall on February 21, 2013. Milly is owned by Vanesa Semler of Dorado, Puerto Rico. She weighed less than an ounce when she was born and could fit in a teaspoon. Vanesa had to feed her through an eye dropper every two hours since her mouth was too small to feed directly from her mother. She used to sleep in a doll’s crib next to her owner and gradually became stronger under the care of Vanesa.

Gibson is another amazing dog from Grass Valley, California, United States was recognized as the tallest dog according to Guinness in 2004 taking the title from Harvey. Born on 26th of April in the year 2002, Gibson was claimed to be 42.6 inches or 108 cm tall by his master Sandy while according to the official Guinness World Records, he was 107 cm tall. Besides being the tallest dog, Gibson became more renowned by appearing in various renowned TV shows including Oprah Winfrey’s Show, The Tonight Show, Montel Williams Show, Larry King’s program and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He was also featured in Parade Magazine, Life Magazine, Dog Fancy and National Geographic.

Gibson was a certified therapy dog who used to appear in the TV shows wearing a bandanna which was known to be his trademark. In the year 2009, he lost one leg to bone cancer. Despite going through extensive treatment, the cancer spread to his spine and lungs and it was no longer possible to save Gibson. He was euthanized on August 7, 2009.

Gibson was the co-author of his very own book “Gibson Speaks” which describes the life of one of the tallest dogs of the world that became more of a celebrity. Gibson seized an entire regulation basketball in his mouth and performed “doggie dribble”.

Although Gibson may no longer be around, but his memories will always be there. He will be remembered for the charms and intelligence that he showed throughout his short life. The love he received from people throughout the globe is simply remarkable and only shows what a great dog he was.

Great Danes and Other Amazing Large Animals

Great Danes are a great species of dogs and make up a major part of the largest ever known animals kept as pets by humans. They are friendly, gorgeous, easy to train and offer great company as therapy or working dogs. Though big in size great Danes are not hostile but are very gentle with their owners, children and even other dogs. They are however not the only amazing large animals kept as pets by humans, the list is endless. Here are some of them:

Gibson (Great Dane)

Gibson was one of the most famous and treasured great Danes of all times. Having been born in April 26, 2002 he grew up in Grass Valley California under the care of Sandy Hall. In 2004, he was recognized by Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s tallest dog. At 42.2 inches, Gibson weighed 82kg and while standing on his hind legs stretched his height was over 7feet. For a dog so large to stay healthy it is important that they receive regular grooming by a professional. It is quite normal to find that a dog this size can’t just fit in your bathtub at home so a professional hydrobath like the one featured in the pictures at dog grooming Newcastle would be a good idea. In his time, Gibson offered great comfort to Ms. Hall but succumbed to cancer in 2009.

Zeus (Great Dane)

This is the current Guinness world record holder as the tallest dog alive. Being 44 inches tall, Zeus from Michigan replaced his predecessor giant dog that was only an inch shorter. Towering on his hind limbs, he reaches 2.2 meters and on the weighing scale the results are a whopping 86kg. According to Denise Doorlag the owner of Zeus, people can just not stop wondering whether he is a horse or a dog.

This 43-inch tall great Dale from Arizona was once the Guinness Book of Records’ tallest dog immediately after Gibson and is the predecessor of Zeus. He is a dog loved by many, not just Guinness records which recognized him and there are updates every now and then for the fans about his life through his website and YouTube channel run by his owner. He has however passed on in August 2013 at 7 years of age. He actually held the title of the tallest dog to ever live until Zeus came by in 2013.

Zorba (Great Mastiff)

This mastiff from London holds the title of Guinness Book of Records’ largest dog ever. He has however since then passed on but still is the largest and no other dog has been able to outweigh the 343 lbs. He measured 37 inches at the shoulders, 8 feet and 3 inches from the nose tip to the tail end in November 1989. If he were alive today, many agree that he would still hold his record.

Ulric (cat)

Incase you were wondering, it is not all dog-talk. Ulric, a Norwegian forest cat weighing 30 pounds actually has twice the weight he ought to be having. All this weight can be attributed to his love for food. Since he was small, his owner (Jan Mitchel) reports that whenever he is not satisfied with his food, he just moves on to his sister’s (Ulla) bowl and gobbles all the remains. Though not good weight for his weight, it did help this English cat make it to the chart of amazing large animals.

Stewie (cat)

This 48.5 inch cat from Nevada has two world records in the Guinness book of records: world’s longest cat tail holder and the longest domestic cat in the world. He was a great therapy cat and helped a lot with the recovery of people in a local senior center home near where he lived. He however succumbed to cancer in February 2013.

Goldie (gold fish)

In Kent, England is the largest pet goldfish, Goldie. His length is 15 inches, width 5 inches and weighed over 2lbs when last weighed in 2008. Though kept in a small tank by the owner, goldie grew into a large fish from its initial one inch length. By 2008 he was about 15 years of age but has passed on since then and lost the records to Joris Gjisbers (current longest goldfish).

Gary (rodent)

Gary is a capybara weighing 112 pounds and is the world’s largest pet rodent. A couple living in Texas adopted this pet from an Arkansas breeder and have since then been living with their pet who they report to love swimming. He is quite great company and gets along with his owners and other animals in the family as well. For a pet rodent his size is amazing to all who see him for the very first time.

Famous Pets As Therapy Dogs

A dog might not be your whole life, to you he/she is only a pet, but they can make your life whole, they can heal, they are believed to have magic. Their love is absolute!

Famous pets as therapy dogs are not so very commonly heard of, but they can be traced back through the years. It has been said that they bring a sense of calmness and well being to people. Sigmund Freud found his baby Jofi would relax his patients, and they would be at ease to confide in him during their psychoanalysis sessions.

Dogs have been known to give comfort and companionship; they have also been trained for years and used in search and rescue expeditions since the 1700s. One such dog was Barry, he had saved over a 100 lives.

Therapy dogs come in all breeds and sizes, but they all have a brilliant temperament. They do not mind to be hugged or touched by strangers, and they get along with other breeds.

Dr. Boris Levinson one day left his dog with a child patient,not on purpose, he was having problems with this patient and when he returned the child was talking to the dog and he noticed that his dog was making a difference.

During and even after World War II, dogs have been used for therapy. Smoky was found on the battlefield by Corporal William Wynne, when he became hospitalized, his friends started bringing Smoky for visits. She became a hit with all the soldiers and it was noted that she had a positive effect on the soldiers when she was around them. Smoky was a famous pet as therapy dog. She stayed with the hospital as a therapy dog for 12 years.

A registered nurse Elaine Smith noticed the difference in patients after a visit from chaplain and his golden retriever. In 1976 she started training with dogs to visits hospitals and the therapeutic effect was noticed in these patients.

Dogs are being used in all fields of medicine today and at many institutes they assist adults and children with different problems.

Another famous pets as therapy dogs is Vivian Peyton, used in dog fights, she was rescued and trained. She helps at the Roland McDonald House comforting sick children. In 2012 she was honored as one of the years featured therapy dogs.

Zoey is another Famous pet used as a therapy dog. She is trained to cooperate and help at schools, nursing homes, hospitals and in disasters. Concordia University in Wisconsin is the first University to adopt a therapy dog for its campus.

Famous pets as therapy dogs also include Archie. Archie lives in California and he helps children deal with feelings, and cope with situations such as family crises, abuse or even neglect. Archie spends his days sharing his joy and love with all these kids. Archie has also had water training for rescues.

Dogs are also being used at Kilby School to assist children with reading problems. Maggie is one of the many dogs that attend class once a week and she gets very excited to be there. It has been noted that the students who were not fond of reading, now just want to keep on reading. Improvement is seen after only two sessions.

Dogs are great listeners, they do not criticize or scream or fight with us. They help people in many ways just by being there.

Gibson is another example of famous pets as therapy dogs; he has appeared on many talk shows and was also noted the tallest dog in the Guinness Book of World Records.

There are also many others that have made a difference, Champ, Olaf, Zia, Cocao Puff, Sophie, Buddy, Lori and many more that play their part in the process of healing. They visit people all over the world every day, these dogs make a difference. Sometimes it is a small difference, and at other times it is the difference between life and death. They do not ask for anything in return, just that we love them and remember them. That we know their love was given fully and their sacrifices not in vain.

These famous pets as therapy dogs bring and share with us their magic, their strength and love. Remember the special dogs and love them always.

The Legend of Gibson, The World’s Tallest Dog

On April the 26th in 2002, a magnificent Great Dane was born in the home of Sandy Hall. Gibson, as he was to be named, became Sandy’s most beloved pet – a lively canine who charmed everyone he encountered with his friendly mannerism and handsome appearance. The oldest of twelve pups, Gibson’s fur was a mixture of white, grey and black patches. Just like any dog, Gibson liked to play fetch, earn treats and cuddle up to his owner. Everything about Gibson would make you think he was a normal Great Dane…except for the fact that he also happened to be the tallest dog in recorded history.

Not only was Gibson the tallest dog in the world, he was the tallest therapy dog and tallest Great Dane. At 42.6 inches tall, Gibson measured at an incredible 7 feet when standing on his hind legs. His 180 pound body made him a dinosaur in comparison to his fellow canines. Male Great Danes typically weigh in at 120 pounds and are 30 inches tall. Despite their size, Great Danes are often considered one of the most gentle dog breeds. Over his lifespan, Gibson was awarded numerous titles in recognition of his whooping size. He holds the Guinness World Record for the largest known dog, and was nominated for The American Kennel Club’s ACE Awards. The amazing Gibson could hold a whole regulation basketball in his mouth and had an uncanny ability to vocalize human-like phrases. Indeed, he was most famed for barking “I love you!” toward those for whom he shared affection.

Sadly, Gibson passed away on August the 7th in 2009. As common in Harlequin Great Danes, Gibson lived only a seven year lifespan. He had lost his front leg to bone cancer that same year. Tributes came pouring in after the loss of the world’s most famous dog. But Gibson is not remembered just because of his size. The certified therapy-dog had an unforgettably lovable personality admired by pet-lovers from all over the world. As Sandy Hall once said, “He just puts a smile on people’s faces…In one split second, people forget their cares and worries.” The love felt for the Great Dane Gibson is still commemorated today, as many fondly think of him as one of the greatest dogs that ever lived. Certainly Gibson has earned his place on the list of most famous animals all over the globe.

Fame was naturally a big part of Gibson’s life, but whether or not he understood quite how special he was can never be known. Appearing on shows alongside Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno, Gibson received a lot of well-deserved attention throughout his life. Gibson made an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America’, CNN’s Larry King Live’ and numerous Animal Planet documentaries. When he wasn’t showing off in front of the camera, Gibson was featured in a variety of magazines – from Dog Fancy’ to Life’ to National Geographic’. Gibson became the promotional star of Forever Lawns’, a company which specialized in creating artificial turf especially for dogs. The company has since sponsored a canine cancer awareness campaign in tribute of Gibson. Gibson had a son, Brewster, who took over his role in promoting the dog-friendly turf.

Before his death in 2007, Gibson co-wrote his popular autobiography, Gibson Speaks’. Recounting his journey as one of the most famous animals all over the globe, Gibson tells of his meeting with dog-whisperer Ceaser Milan, his dance with Paris Hilton and his experiences flying first class, taking part in parades and modelling for renowned photographers. Sandy Hall had a special bond with Gibson and often felt as if they could communicate in ways she’d never done with any other animals. In “Gibson Speaks”, Hall has documented Gibson’s thoughts, behavior and life events in heart-warming detail.

Before Gibson, the Guinness World Record for the world’s tallest dog was held by another Great Dane – the 41 inches tall “Harvey”. Now, the title for the tallest living dog has gone to “Zeus”, a Great Dane from Michigan. At 44 inches from his feet to his withers, Zeus is not quite as big as Gibson was.

The clever Gibson had a great sense of humor and well-behaved demeanor. A fantastic example of the joys that can come about from owning a Great Dane, Gibson’s iconic look shows him wearing a red scarf and standing on his hind legs with his front legs on the shoulders of a human. Sometimes he would sit on a chair like humans, or grab a drink from the sink tap. Everywhere he went, children and adults alike fell in love with him. Sandy Hall hopes Gibson is remembered for the lovely life he lived and the people whose hearts he touched. You can read more about Gibson and his breed on his official tribute website or get a peek of his appearance on Channel 4 News.

Gibson – One Of The Celebrity Dogs That Touched The Hearts Of Many

In every generation of dogs, there is always a dog that stands out. The famous or celebrity dogs become a status symbol in society for various reasons. The great Danes are no exception. In fact, they have continued to produce famous dogs since time immemorial. Of the many dogs, one dog clearly stood out. His name was “Gibson”. Many people always have fond memories of this giant dog. It seems like yesterday when he would feature in many television programs. Many people especially kids would rush home to watch him sing, talk, or do what he knew best; being a Dane. A lucky few also met him across the streets and were amazed at his stature. Indeed he was a large dog.

Who was Gibson?

Gibson was a large Harlequin Dane who resided in Grass Valley in California, United States of America. He was born on the 26th of April 2002. He lived with his owner Sandy Hall. Many people came to know Gibson because of his large stature. Well, Danes are generally big dogs. However, Gibson outclassed the dogs of his generation. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Great Harlequin stood at a height of 42.2 inches (1.07 meters). This was the measured height from the surface to the top edge of his withers. Gibson had an official weight of 82 kilograms (180 pounds) at the time of being measured. During his lifetime, he held the record of being the tallest dog in the world. This is a record he held on till his death in 7th August 2009.He was aged 7 years.

What Made Him Special?

Many people remember Gibson as one of the most famous celebrity dogs of his era. Well, he was. As a matter of fact, he went on to become one of the most filmed and documented dogs in his time. Nonetheless, Gibson also stood out in many other areas. His owner, Sandy Hall talks fondly of Gibson. In her words, he states that Gibson was a special dog. He simply made people smile or laugh. The aura around him simply brought out positive and happy energy. Despite his large size, he was a faithful and docile dog. He was always quick to answer to the call of his master and always protective. The viewers loved watching him play various characters on television. At one point he was that ordinary dog. In another instance he was the dog that saved the day.

Lifetime of Achievements

The life of Gibson, one of the most famous celebrity dogs is nothing short of exemplary. Before he left us, he had achieved a feat many people simply admire. With his trademark bandanna, he starred in many television shows. The most notable were; The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He also appeared as the spokes dog in the ForeverLawn show.

The following are some achievements of Gibson:

  • Nominated in the American Kennel Club 2009 ACE Awards
  • Guinness Book of World Record title holder
  • Certified as a therapy dog
  • Has held the title of Dutchman Meistersinger AKC Pedigree. This title has been recognizing and honoring Great Danes in Germany since 1800s.
  • Uttered the words “I love you.”
  • “Doggie dribbled” a regulation basketball and also held it in his mouth


“Gibson Speaks” is a book he co-authored and tells of his inspirational life story.

Celebrating the Life of Gibson

His fruitful life was brought to a grinding halt when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. This came at a time when his life was at its peak. Despite going for chemotherapy, the disease was taking a toll on his life. He lost one of his front limbs to the disease. He put-up a brave fight and tried to live like a normal dog. Sadly, on the 7th of August, 2009, Gibson lost the fight and Sally, his owner had him euthanized.

All we have are just but beautiful memories of Gibson. Many who did not know him may think he was just one of the celebrity dogs, an ordinary dog. But he wasn’t. He was more than just a dog. He was family. Maybe not the immediate family, but we all came to accept him as one of us. Yes, he had flaws; yes, he was an animal. But he touched the hearts of many in a special way. People from all walks of life came to love him. His faithfulness, his docile nature, the burst of energy, and much more made him a darling of many. Well, five years ago he left us. But his spirit lives amongst us. So long buddy! You fought a good fight to the end.

Gibson’s Memory Still Lives On

Born on April 2002, Gibson was a Harlequin Great Dane living in California, USA – Grass Valley to be more specific. Since a dog is man’s best friend, Sandy Hall was a friend and the owner of the amazing Gibson. He was later recognized in 2004 by Guinness Book of World Records for standing a remarkable 42.6 inches tall – when measured from ground to the top – and weighing 82 kegs according to the official report. This announcement displaced Harvey, the previous crown holder measuring 41 inches.

“I love you,” said Gibson. To become world’s tallest dog is cool but the fact that the world’s tallest dog could speak is something else. Call it special. Unbelievably, Gibson was a talking dog. As big as he was, the dog was simply a friendly puppy in a big dog’s body. He was playful and best of all a certified therapy dog with his trademark bandana forming the complete exciting package.

Gibson was also friendly to the cameras making celebrity hosts beg for a chance in the busy calendar. Appearing in major shows such as:

  • Oprah
  • Larry King Live
  • Dog Fancy
  • Life Magazine
  • National Magazine
  • NBC’S Tonight Show
  • Good Morning America
  • Inside Edition
  • Montel Williams Show
  • Just to mention a few


Gibson was a celebrity animal with a loving and positive association wherever he went. It is for this reason and more that he was granted the major responsibility of representing ForeverLawn, the maker of K9Grass (an artificial turf company), as the company’s spokes personnel in other words, the spokes-dog. Even though the dog was a giant, knowing the dog would make anyone realize that Gibson was more than just its size. Sandy – the owner – confesses that within a split of a second, Gibson had the power to make people forget about their problems.

Nominated in 2009 for the prestigious American Kennel’s Club ACE Awards, Gibson was a mommy’s boy that is according to Sandy who had him sleeping on a 10-piece sectional retrofitted with mattress including soft cushions. He was funny in that there was this day that he went to a lady in a wheelchair and sat in her lap, without the brakes being on. The lady went flying backwards and the only thing that stood on their way was a wall. Luckily enough, no one was hurt in the incidence, and it is funny since the lady was amused by the selflessness and wanted him to sit in her lap anytime he did the therapy visits.

Gibson held the AKC Dutchman Meistersinger, an elite line of Great Danes in Germany dating as early as the 1800s. Today, the descendants make excellent companion dogs. Amazing animals large and small each have unique qualities making it stand out from the rest. Compared to many larger breeds, Danes such as Gibson are popular for their good and humble nature. They are popular for their great demeanor with the elderly including children, this factor counted greatly to the calm and friendly nature that Gibson had.

Gibson has a book, Gibson Speaks that he co-authored. The story is of a dog, Gibson, giving insights to the life and journey of coping with life as the world’s tallest dog. His story is full of adventure such that one day he held an entire regulation basketball in his mouth and doggie dribbled which made the entire crowd stand on its feet.

Sadly, in April 2009, the dog was diagnosed with cancer after a tumor was found in his right front paw that led to the amputation of the whole leg in an attempt to keep cancer from spreading. He underwent chemo and the first treatment seemed to have positive results such that Sandy Hall wanted him to continue his work as a certified therapist. Even with the amputated leg, the dog remained to defend his Guinness Book of Records throne as the world’s tallest dog.

However, on August 7, 2009, it became apparent that the cancer had spread to Gibson’s spine and lungs. This left Sandy with no other option but to come to a very tough decision – the memory of which every pet owner carries like a scar – silently end his Dog’s life. Gibson was only 7 then. Sandy hall had his dog humanely euthanized by Dr. Peter Walsh who said that Gibson slept peacefully in the caring arms of Ms. Hall.

Zeus currently holds the record for height ousting Gibson as the world’s tallest dog according the Guinness Book of Records assessment done in October 2011. The Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan in the US measured a record 44 inches which is 1.1m from foot to withers.

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