Exploring the Superior Drainage of K9Grass Synthetic Turf

Dogs playing in splash pad

Perhaps the most common question we are asked about our synthetic grass is, “Where does the pee go?” It’s understandable, as urine is one of the major challenges of any surfacing solution used for dogs. The short answer—it drains out of the turf and into the ground like it would if it were natural grass. The difference is that it doesn’t stay saturated and wet like the dirt under grass would, making it a much cleaner alternative to a natural lawn.

There are many different turf products out there that have claims of being pet-friendly. Sure, dogs can walk and play on them. They’re probably non-toxic and safe for dogs, but what they all lack is the functionality to be able to stand up to common challenges that dogs present… 

  • They don’t drain well enough to get urine out of the turf, causing odors to form. 
  • Many of those other turf products have rubber infill that only contributes to the harboring of odors and bacteria. 
  • They often don’t have the structural integrity and durability to withstand the heavy activity of dogs—the running, the jumping, the intense games of tug-of-war, etc.

K9Grass® is a total game-changer in both the turf and commercial dog industries. It’s a game-changer in the turf industry because of its unique design and unmatchable drainage rate, and a game-changer in the commercial dog industry for the same reasons! Doggy daycare facility owners, groomers, and veterinarians alike all enjoy the cleanliness and lasting durability of our synthetic grass. But perhaps the most important feature of all that we’re going to explore further is our proprietary, knitted Flow-Through™ Backing.

Compare a standard unitary backing with a knitted, Flow-Through Backing™.

Superior drainage

The diagram below compares K9Grass synthetic turf against the industry standard for “pet-friendly” turf. The biggest distinction between the two types of backing is that one is a knitted product, while the other is a unitary backing. 

What does that mean? Think about any kind of a knitted or woven fabric. It’s not one continuous surface, but many different materials woven together to create a surface. On the contrary, a unitary backing is something that is essentially one surface with many holes in it. The woven materials allow liquids to drain from edge to edge, while the unitary surface only drains from the holes. The spaces in between the holes still have potential to hold liquids, and therefore do not allow for edge-to-edge drainage.

A knitted backing provides superior drainage.

The knitted, Flow-Through™ Backing of K9Grass synthetic turf provides 100% edge-to-edge drainage at rates in excess of 1,500 inches per hour up to 3,000 inches per hour, which is about 100 times faster than standard synthetic grass. 

A knitted backing eliminates the need for infill (sand, rubber, etc.), which is often used in synthetic turf products to help the blades stand erect. While it’s helpful in some situations, it does much more harm than good in applications with dogs. Infill is one of the biggest culprits in harboring odors because it inhibits the flow of liquids through the turf and traps moisture and bacteria. Plus, the last thing you want is dogs finding and chewing on bits of rubber infill after a particularly rowdy play session.

Think about all the not-so-favorable stuff you have to deal with as a dog parent or dog facility owner… Urine, feces, slobber, hair—all that stuff needs to be able to either flow through the turf or be easily picked up. Infill not only restricts drainage, but often traps waste particles and makes it difficult to pick things up off the surface of the turf.

You can actually see the difference in drainage, because licensed contractor and TV host Jason Cameron has put our synthetic grass to the test.

All the bad stuff drains away, and only fun is left to stay!

For those struggling with a natural grass lawn that doubles as a doggy play and potty area, you’re probably no stranger to stepping in feces or getting a little dirty during a game of fetch. Don’t even mention the mud—what a nightmare! 

Many of us at K9Grass are dog parents ourselves, so we’re very familiar with the cleanup involved after an energetic romp in the yard. At the very least, you have to give those paws a wipedown, and if it’s muddy, you better go run a bath! For doggy daycare owners, we can’t even imagine dealing with that mess times ten or twenty at a time. Those pups are lucky they’re cute—that makes it all worth the work. 

But we’ve spent years doing the research and testing to come up with a product that takes away much of that work for dog parents and commercial dog facility owners alike. K9Grass synthetic turf does not get muddy because of its superior drainage system, which eliminates the messiness from play time.

Puppy pool days made possible by K9Grass.

Lanier Dog Park project by ForeverLawn South Jersey
Lanier Dog Park project by ForeverLawn South Jersey

Having a surface that’s 100% drainable makes it so that it’s always ready to play on, even after it has just rained. But it doesn’t stop at rain! So many of our clients who run doggy daycares have been able to put in dog pools and splash pads for an additional way to let the dogs have fun, burn off energy, and cool down on a hot day. The water drains efficiently out of the turf to prevent puddles from forming.

Before K9Grass synthetic turf, so many of those same clients would have never dreamed of adding water into the mix with their dog yard struggles. Now, they can’t imagine not having our turf and all the added functionality and convenience it offers.

Indoors, outdoors—possibilities are endless with K9Grass.

LA Dogworks project by ForeverLawn Pacific Coast
LA Dogworks project by ForeverLawn Pacific Coast

You can even install synthetic turf indoors with our patented K9Grass Flushing System, which moves water and/or cleaning solution across a sloped floor beneath the turf, dilutes urine, and rinses it toward a drain. This is the flushing process that occurs automatically every so often to wash away liquid waste without actually getting the surface of the turf wet. We’ve seen huge success with this indoor solution for doggy daycares, groomers, veterinarians, pet stores, and more. We’ve even installed K9Grass inside a sunroom at someone’s home!

Patented flushing system
K9Grass Benefits

Experience the synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs.

Wondering if K9Grass synthetic turf is the right solution for your project? If you’re sick of smelly, muddy dog areas, then it definitely is! As you have seen, it’s so versatile and can be installed almost anywhere for superior drainage and unmatched cleanliness. 

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