Grow Your Business with Synthetic Grass for Dogs Like The Bone Adventure

What makes customers bring their dogs back to dog boarding and daycare facilities time and time again? A great first experience!

Meeting friendly staff who know what they’re doing, seeing a well-maintained facility, watching other dogs play around, and getting a clean dog back are all things that contribute to a positive experience for dog owners. While you as a pet facility owner or manager can influence how your staff acts and what your facility looks like, it can feel overwhelming to keep all the dogs clean. That’s why The Bone Adventure chose K9Grass to help!

Bone Adventure: Setting the Standard for Quality Dog Care

The Bone Adventure in Costa Mesa, California, is a locally-loved dog grooming, boarding, and daycare facility that has been in business since 2003. They strive to make every family dog a well-adjusted one that gets plenty of socialization and exercise. You’d be hard pressed to find another team of caretakers more dedicated and compassionate than this crew in Costa Mesa.

The Bone Adventure has not only experienced increased cleanliness since their installation of K9Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn®, but they’ve also noticed an overall uptick in business, receiving great feedback about their amenities and the cleanliness of their facilities.

K9Grass: A Foundational Asset for Any Dog Facility

Several years after their first K9Grass installation (and after getting such positive feedback on it), The Bone Adventure decided to add our product to their second location. Fully drainable synthetic grass allows them to offer unique features other boarding and daycare facilities don’t have, like a bone-shaped dog pool with a waterfall and an outdoor play yard with fun equipment. They key to making sure features like these are successful rather than a burden? Having synthetic grass for dogs underfoot.

K9Grass provides a soft, safe, and clean surface that’s perfect for all kinds of fun dog adventures. Our proprietary Flow-Through Backing™ is unmatched in the market and allows for 100% edge-to-edge drainage to keep puddles at bay. Imagine having a dog pool surrounded by natural grass– Total disaster! Dogs constantly jumping in and out of the water would lead to a sopping, muddy yard and a very murky pool. This is not the case with K9Grass.

And since it’s synthetic grass, there’s no dirt on the surface—which means no muddy paws! This also means that dogs at Bone Adventure can still go potty or play outside even when it’s raining, and they won’t track mud inside the building. When dog parents come to pick up their fluffy pals, they’re handed a dog that’s happy, mud- and dirt-free, and ready for a snooze. No need to worry about a bath once they’re home.

What K9Grass Offers

  • 100% edge-to-edge drainage
  • AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology built right into the blades
  • Superior construction with premium materials for a realistic look
  • Simple maintenance and easy cleanup of waste

What Your Customers See

  • A puddle- and mud-free surface
  • A clean, well-maintained yard free of offensive odors
  • A lush, green, open space ready for play
  • Kind, smiling staff that are happy to be taking care of dogs

Grow your Business with a Smart Solution Like K9Grass

The Bone Adventure has done an outstanding job of attracting local dog owners and keeping them coming back for more. Dog parents are impressed with their great amenities and friendly staff, but most of all with the love and compassion you can feel when you walk into either of The Bone Adventure locations. The bottom line is The Bone Adventure owners are complete dog lovers who just want to see canines happy, and it shines through in the solutions they’ve chosen for the pups in their care.

Are you looking for a solution to take your dog facility to the next level? Consider K9Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

Client Spotlights

Experience the synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs.

Wondering if K9Grass synthetic turf is the right solution for your project? If you’re sick of smelly, muddy dog areas, then it definitely is! As you have seen, it’s so versatile and can be installed almost anywhere for superior drainage and unmatched cleanliness. 

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