PuppyPlay Mats

PuppyPlay™ Mats with unbound edges are ideal for use in any space inside or outside the house, inside crates, kennels, carriers, as well as for use as replacement grass in dog potties.

  • The ForeverLawn K9Grass™ line of premium synthetic grass products is the “gold standard” in the industry. Premium products typically come with a higher initial cost, but typically offer superior performance and value over time. That is the case with K9Grass.
  • Understanding that budget can be a strong consideration, we’re proud to offer a new solution for puppy potty spots, comfort and play areas—PuppyPlay™.
  • The majority of turf products don’t consider the unique needs of areas for dogs. PuppyPlay was designed to imitate some of the key features that make K9Grass so effective. The unique, knitted construction of PuppyPlay allows for edge-to-edge drainage, which enables quick flow-through of liquid.
  • Superior drainage capabilities make it easier to keep pets and their environments cleaner and better smelling. PuppyPlay Mats do not have antimicrobial blades that are found in K9Grass.
  • Performance and value are rolled into a product that resembles natural grass.
  • PuppyPlay Mats come in a variety of sizes with unbound edges.