Why choose a dog-specific artificial grass product?

Artificial grass is a smart surfacing solution for dogs that offers many benefits over natural grass and other surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick, or stone. Selecting a turf product that’s designed specifically for dogs, like K9Grass® synthetic turf, will offer you and your dogs so many advantages over standard turf.

  • Standard synthetic grass products are not designed to stand up to the challenges specific to dogs, which often leads to unwanted urine odors and unclean, unsafe conditions.
  • Green grass looks great and is a natural fit for dog play and elimination areas.
  • The challenges of natural grass are eliminated (e.g., mowing, reseeding, resodding, fertilizing, etc.).
  • Dogs stay significantly cleaner, as there is no contact with dirt and mud, reducing the need for bathing.
  • Indoor areas stay cleaner, as dogs are not tracking dirt, grass, and debris inside.
  • Dogs’ joints enjoy the benefits of a soft, natural-feeling surface (especially nice for older or rehabilitating dogs).
  • Maintenance and related expenses are typically reduced.
  • Specific maintenance programs keep grass cleaner and safer for dogs than natural grass.
  • Insects are often reduced, including ticks and fleas, as there is nothing in the area of interest for bugs.
  • For commercial facilities, happier pets and satisfied owners lead to increased satisfaction, retention, acquisition, and profitability.

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