Which type of artificial grass backing is best for dogs?

The best fake grass for dogs should have a knitted backing for maximum drainage. K9Grass® synthetic turf is created by weaving the turf fibers together, creating a knitted, mesh backing. The proprietary Flow-Through™ Backing is designed for 100% edge-to-edge drainage. 

You can actually see how our turf is made…

Flow-Through Backing™ Compared to Standard Turf Backing

An easy way to tell if a turf product has good drainage is to hold it up to the sunlight and see if any light peaks through. The more light that comes through, the better the opportunity for liquids to drain efficiently from the turf. Standard dog turf often has a backing that’s perforated with holes, which leaves solid surface areas that trap liquid and prevent the turf from draining completely. Our knitted backing leaves no chance for liquids to get trapped in the turf.

See a demonstration of how our turf drains with licensed contractor and TV host Jason Cameron.

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