Where can K9Grass synthetic turf be used?

Synthetic grass surfacing for dog-friendly facilities and residences should be designed and constructed to provide a safe, nontoxic, clean, and comfortable environment for dogs, and K9Grass® synthetic turf does just that. 

Our dog-friendly turf can be installed almost anywhere you want a natural look and durable surface for dogs. Below are the most common places where we’ve installed K9Grass synthetic turf.

  • Residential Properties – Synthetic grass eliminates pet damage resulting in faded grass, bare spots, and unsightly holes, and creates a mud-free yard. See featured projects.
  • Apartment Complexes – Building owners can attract residents with unique amenities such as a private dog park that gives pet owners a safe, clean, and inviting space to interact, while letting dogs run, play, and do their business. See featured projects.
  • Veterinary Facilities – Whether it’s for post surgery exercise, potty areas, or play spaces, providing a safe, cleanable, and comfortable facility helps animals and pet owners feel more relaxed and aids the healing process. See featured projects.
  • Commercial Pet Facilities and Shelters – Pet boarding facilities, kennels, and doggy daycare facilities fill the gap for pet parents, ensuring pets maintain a healthy routine of eating, napping, and exercising and are not forced to eliminate on surfaces that can cause confusion when eliminating at home. See featured projects.
  • Dog Parks and Dog Runs – Dog parks are integral parts of communities that can easily become eyesores. If the park is too muddy or has alternative surfacing, such as mulch or sand, dogs don’t stay clean and carry the mess home. In grassy or gravel areas, pet waste is difficult to locate and remove and is often spread around during mowing or raking. See featured projects.
  • Airport Pet Relief Areas – Finding airlines/airports with amenities for dogs can be a challenge for pet owners. Providers who adopt pet-friendly policies can ease the nerves of travelers and gain committed customers. Installing airport pet relief areas is the first step to supporting individuals traveling with dogs, and they are mandated for airports serving 10,000 passengers annually. Federal regulations stipulate that every terminal must have at least one sterile dog relief area. See featured projects.

Take a look at our complete library of projects to see where we’ve installed K9Grass synthetic turf and get inspiration for your own project!

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