What happens when a dog urinates on artificial grass?

Most types of artificial grass are designed with four to six holes per square foot to be able to drain out water and liquid waste. However, some brands of artificial grass have better drainage than others. K9Grass® synthetic turf features proprietary Flow-Through Backing™, which allows for 100% edge-to-edge drainage—a critical component of artificial grass for dogs in order to prevent odors and unclean conditions. Professional installation will ensure that once the liquid passes through the turf, it continues to drain and evacuate.

Infill-Free Design

K9Grass also features an infill-free design to prevent odors and bacteria from sitting in the infill. 

Indoor Flushing System

For indoor installations, we install our turf over our Patented Indoor K9Grass Flushing System, which frequently flushes the turf to help wash away liquid waste.

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