Is it better to use antimicrobial or odor blocking infill or no infill at all?

While the use of infill can be effective in other turf products, synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs is best without it, as it has the potential to lock in bad odors and bacteria. K9Grass synthetic turf has an infill-free design; Our premium Flow-Through Backing™ and knitted construction eliminate the need for infill.

Three reasons not to use infill in artificial grass for dogs:

  1. It slows drainage of water and liquid waste.
  2. It has the potential to harbor waste and bacteria.
  3. It makes it impossible to clean and fully remove odors and bacteria from the grass.

Instead of incorporating antimicrobial technology into the infill like some turf products do, we have actually incorporated AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection right into the blades of the turf to help foster a cleaner, better-smelling environment.

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