How do I protect my yard from dog urine?

Dog urine can wreak havoc on a natural grass lawn. With high levels of nitrogen, dog urine kills grass and creates dead spots, which take away from the beauty and functionality of a yard. Additionally, those dead spots give way to dirt and mud that dogs then track into the home or pet care facility.

While there are plenty of tips and tricks out there for dog owners and facility owners to prevent this kind of damage, none of them are very convenient or work particularly well. Most of the time, a home/business with dogs is one with a less-than-thriving yard.

A Better Alternative: K9Grass by ForeverLawn®

Synthetic grass that is designed specifically for dogs provides a better alternative to a natural grass lawn when it comes to protecting against dog urine. With K9Grass® by ForeverLawn®, you can look forward to a spotless green surface all year long. Our artificial grass for dogs resists fading and discoloration!

K9Grass features a proprietary Knitted Flow-Through Backing™ designed to be drainable at extreme rates across the entire surface so that urine can pass through quickly. A simple rinse on occasion will help to eliminate any residual waste on the blades of our synthetic grass, and added AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology helps mitigate bacteria and odors from pet elimination.

If there is ever a time when an odor is detected, there are products to help! A rinse with an Odor Eliminator (bacterial enzyme) that is safe for the environment and for dogs will eliminate the odor at the source.

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