Do dogs chew artificial grass?

Dogs are ornery and like to chew/consume all kinds of materials they have access to. This should always be considered when providing surfacing for dogs (mulch, gravel, natural grass, artificial grass, etc.). There are two main components to consider regarding the safety of artificial grass:

  1. The construction of the turf product.
  2. The way the turf is installed.


Most turf products are “tufted” which means the blade is just a loop through the backing. This leaves it vulnerable to a dog grabbing one end and pulling it out — and this is how dogs end up chewing on artificial grass. Products designed specifically for dogs should have additional reinforcement to secure the tufted blade into the backing in a way that does not inhibit drainage, or it should be knitted (knotted with other fibers to actually become the backing). This is how K9Grass® by ForeverLawn® is designed — and it’s what sets our products apart from others on the market.


Installation must ensure all edges are firmly and safely secured. Artificial grass secured with spikes or weighted down with infill leaves the product edges vulnerable to dogs pulling up the product. Once pulled up, the grass as well as the spikes become components the dogs can devour. This can be very dangerous. The proper installation for dogs will include a plastic perimeter board anchored to the ground or adjacent surface, then secured with stainless steel staples every inch around all edges and any penetrations. Don’t risk it. Get it done right which will provide the safe, secure environment your dog deserves.

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