Can you install artificial grass for dogs indoors?

Yes! Our patented K9Grass® Flushing System was designed to make indoor turf installations possible for pet facilities. 

The system moves water and/or cleaning solution across the sloped floor beneath the synthetic grass, which dilutes, rinses, and directs urine to the drain.

It is designed to flush the floor periodically, without wetting the surface of the grass.

Indoor Flushing System Diagram

patented flushing system

Patented flushing system components:

  • Dog-specific synthetic grass. 
  • Raised grid system reduces contact with the floor to less than 3%.
  • Smooth, sloped, and sealed impermeable floor with minimum 2% pitch to the drain.
  • Flushing system options:

Manual Flushing System – Water hose and flushing system port manually connected and run to each zone.
Semi-automated Flushing System – Charged water line with pipe controlled by a valve to each zone.
Fully-automated Flushing System – Charged water line directly connected to each zone, programmed into a sprinkler system control panel.

  • Plastic nailer board anchored to solid surface.
  • Trench drain to receive liquid waste and transport it out of the facility.
  • Tack and cover strips to secure and protect dog-specific synthetic grass.
  • Pipe with emitter holes water flows through to rinse/flush the floor.
  • Water and/or solution (dilutes urine and moves it to the drain).
  • Impermeable wall 36′′–48′′ from floor.
  • Adjacent walking surface.

This system is ideal for pet facility owners who want to provide an indoor pet relief area or play area, or who have indoor kennels. Just a few of the types of facilities we’ve helped transform with K9Grass synthetic turf include:

  • Pet hospitals
  • Veterinary facilities
  • Doggy daycares
  • Grooming facilities
  • Training facilities
  • Boarding facilities/kennels
  • Pet stores

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