Pet Shelters

For pets who do not know the love of a family, dog shelters offer a safe haven until a new home can be found. Dogs deserve caring staff and a clean facility to enjoy, and K9Grass is a big step toward fostering that type of nurturing environment.

The Safer, Cleaner, and Better-Smelling Solution

Installing K9Grass will help your facility run more smoothly. No more muddy paws. No more washing the dogs before sending them home. No more complaints from staff or adopting families that the dogs don’t look or smell their best. No more cleaning up the inside of your facility after the dogs bring the dust, mud, or debris in from outside.

With K9Grass, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the dogs in your care are free to run and play happily on a safe and clean surface. Plus, adoptive families can admire and play with the animals without the distraction of a smelly and unsightly yard.

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Choose K9Grass for Your Shelter

K9Grass is a perfect solution for high-quality pet care facilities everywhere.

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